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Management Information Facilities

We are a valuable management resource for companies of all sizes, from small businesses to multinationals. A brief summary of our most frequently-requested facilities is as follows:

TMD was established in 1992 and has developed year by year. Our work crosses many industrial and commercial disciplines, and has led to longterm processing contracts with many large blue-chip companies. Instead of an inventory of 'canned' solutions or theoretical, method-based approaches to problems, we offer flexible, customised, experienced-based answers that help companies to achieve cost-effective, reliable survey results, as many of our clients are pleased to testify.

  • Drafting of task-specific survey questionnaires
  • Anonymous Client Surveys
  • Internet survey design/hosting
  • Arranging print, collation and distribution
  • Sourcing appropriate mailing lists
  • Receiving returns (direct, or via client company)
  • Opening, handling, processing and batching:
    computer-controlled workflow
  • Address cleaning, coding, keying, verifying, scanning and customisedprocessing
  • Analysis and interpretation of survey results: statistical and text analysis
  • Results presentation: written, verbal, via e-mail, disk or DAT
  • Unique in-house data manipulation software
  • Specialists in customer-satisfaction and in-house opinion surveys

Some of the software used in our work is as follows:

  • SNAP survey software
  • SPSS: for statistical analysis
  • Lotus Notes: for questionnaire control
  • Lotus Smartsuite
  • Microsoft Office Professional Edition
  • Afd software: for address cleaning (PAF file)

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